Warm Waxing


A temporary method of hair removal, with calming lotion applied after treatment to leave skin smooth and moisturised.

** When having leg or bikini waxing please take care not to apply any body lotion or oil on the day of your treatment. For anybody who is new to leg or bikini waxing 3-4 weeks of hair growth is needed for a successful treatment.

Full Leg  (from) £28.00
Half Leg (to the knee) (from) £18.00
¾ Leg (above the knees)  (from) £23.00
Toes & Feet  (from) £5.00
Bikini  (from) £14.00
Forearm  (from) £16.00
Underarm  (from) £12.00
Lip    (from) £8.00
Chest or Back £30.00
Chest or Back with Shoulders £35.00
Chin (from) £9.00
Face Wax (from) £24.00
Full Arm Wax  (from) £20.00

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